150,000,000 Streams. (SPOTIFY)


700,000 Streams. (SPOTIFY/India)

Whatever It Costs.

70K Spotify

Monthly Listeners

Artist Reel!!


Can write for others as well.

VivaSwan<>Writer Alien. (Huge Single<>You Tube Lyrics Video)

VivaSwan<>Writer Breaking Free (DJ Single)

VivaSwan<>Writer Better Weather (DJ Single)


Can Produce others as well.

VivaSwan<>Producer Producing “New” Melted Crayons Artist CAPRI – “Scars”

Has over 100 studio quality records in the vault.

The SYNC possibilities are SIGNIFICANT.

VivaSwan<>SYNC NaNa Multi Market International Single (Proof of Concept in India) Badhaiyaan <> 3 million You Tube <>300K Spotify

VivaSwan<>SYNC Soniya (Activation Records)

VivaSwan<>SYNC Running <>Love Don’t Lie (Pop Single)



VivaSwan<>Writer/Producer/Artist On My Way! (Indian Trap)

VivaSwan<>Writer/Producer/Artist In Da-Flow… (Indian Trap Single)

VivaSwan<>Writer/Producer/Artist Bussdown (Club Caribbean Dance Hall)

VivaSwan<>Writer/Producer/Artist Outta Here!! (Movie Shit)

Thank you for your time…and consideration. We are Melted Crayons Music are confident that this investing in project will be exciting and profitable.