Vivaswan is a multi-hyphenate artist, whose main mediums are music, acting and filmmaking. Born in the tropical rainforests of Mangalore, India his playwright father brought him to the United States in '96 to begin a new life. Having grown up all over the country, as well as other parts of the world (India, Japan, East +West Coast etc), his view on humanity takes a much broader approach. Starting off as a professional athlete, from the age of 19 and on he has worked with the likes of UMG, Konvict Music, Kemosabe Records/ Dr. Luke, Dj Tiesto, Mad Decent Records, Vassal Benford, Keith Harris, and many more! Though his origins in the industry were RnB/Pop, Vivaswan was inspired by the spirit of embracing diversity while being proud of one's roots. In 2018 he joined forces with super producer J2 (credits include: James Cameron, J J Abrams, Shakira, and more) in an effort to bring the beautiful culture of South Asia to the world through multiple styles of music; hence Indian Trap (TM) was born. With multiple releases in different markets all over the world, they have been seeing so many exciting new niche locations pop up that claim they have always admired Desi culture! Along with iTrap, Vivaswan also runs a production house in North Hollywood by the name of G.W.A. Their genres range from Afrobeat, Rnb, Retro Pop, Trap, to Hyper Pop and even Rage music.