Paris Cartel

Born into a musical family, Paris was immediately drawn to singing and being on stage. At age 5, Paris was already doing shows and recording with his godmother (gospel artist Mary Floyd) and he also performed at the music festival (Flavors of Ethnic LA), which at the time was highly successful, and received high regard from many distinguished and established musicians. The sky is the limit for this young entertainer and he is determined to reach for the stars. His goal of becoming the most recognizable name in media is not only attainable but unquestionably mandatory by his standards. He believes his God given gift of music cannot be wasted nor should it be taken for granted. In this current world of copycat entertainers and unoriginal music makers, Paris believes he is what the entertainment industry needs to take it to the next level. So, in the carefully crafted words of Paris Montgomery… “The only remedies needed to mend a fractured world are love, peace, and real music. I consider each project I complete a band-aid, each person I reach a heart replacement, and each barrier I break down the reincarnation of hope…that can exist in our tomorrows.” Some people say he’s ahead of his time, he prefers being the future made present.

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